Welcome to the world of OOAK ART DOLLS:  one of a kind, handmade sculptures made with polymer clay.  More


The hand sculptured dolls: made without molds, without making copy … just one of a kind… More

Secret world from your dreams: „Fly… To fly you only need wonderfull dream and a little bit of fairy dust…” More

OOAK Art Dolls: The world of 100% handmade dolls made with attention to every detail face, body and decorations.  More


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    Olga is a polymer clay doll that has been sculpted in a burlesque-style from the start. She had strong...
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  • Laura
    Laura was created through a long time. Since I’d sculpted her pose I knew what will be her style....
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  • Dreaming-Fairy
    Some while ago I have found nice photo in the Internet and start to sculpt little ballerina fairy: More...
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  • Welcome to my blog! Thank you for spending time with me. She was the first one made in 2010:...
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Art Dolls by Karina Gielniak

I have always painting, and doing simple figures from modeling clay. I have discovered ooak art by the Internet in 2010 and there was no turning back!

OOAK Doll is a tiny peace of magical art. Each has a name, own style and uniqueness.Dolls are entirelly made by hands, from the polymer clay and decorated (wool, fabrics, and other materials). Dolls are about 12-25cm (4,5-10 inches) high. They are made with special attention for details – like hands and feet with nails, or small but three-dimensional eyes, painted skin with realistic wrinkles.

Creating ooak dolls takes many days, it requires precision,patience, and knowledge of anatomy and many artistic techniques.

Store & Care

Fragile material

They should be carefully handled, they can break when you let them fall.

How to store

They should be placed in a glass dome, and not exposed to intense sunlight, drastic changes of temperatures or cigarette smoke.

Not recommended for children to play

They are very delicate and can break when fall. Have no mobile parts to play.